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The Standard’s brand new 5-star hotel, located in the heart of London’s Kings Cross, required a uniform conveyor solution to efficiently store and manage staff uniforms.




After an initial site visit with The Standard’s Director of Engineering, which helped gain a deeper understanding of their requirements, Metalprogetti UK recommended a U-shape conveyor with 310 x 49.5mm slots.


The hotel staff can operate the conveyer using a simple computerised screen. A uniform is selected from the options on-screen and the conveyor rotates until the selected garment reaches the collection point. Staff members are then able to retrieve their uniform.


The options for these types of conveyors are almost limitless, ranging from fully-automated delivery systems using staff ID cards, to simple storage conveyors.  The systems have been proven to increase productivity and help a hotel’s bottom line.




The automated conveyor option is a perfect fit for The Standard. They wanted a system that was easy to operate, could manage a large number of garments and was compact in size, so it didn’t take up too much space in their laundry department.


This bespoke design has, in fact, maximised their laundry area, which has allowed them to add additional storage units for bed linen. They even have enough room to install work stations to offer an in-house tailoring service, which is fantastic.

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