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Nobu Hotel London Mayfair – one of the capital’s most prestigious 5-star hotels




Nobu required a solution that would:

  • Store and manage staff uniforms

  • Incorporate a tracking functionality to ensure uniforms are returned after each shift

  • Offer fast delivery of garments to prevent shift change bottlenecks

  • Keep track on the wear and tear of garments

  • Produce manifests to the external garment cleaning company to ensure stock delivery and return, as well as pricing and invoice checking

  • Maximise storage space in the hotel

  • Be simple to operate




Based on Nobu’s requirements, Metalprogetti UK identified the B2K Smart Locker as the most appropriate solution. It’s incredibly simple to operate, fast and easy to load and offload garments.


The system boasts two collection gates for multiple staff members to retrieve their uniforms simultaneously. This will help speed up collections, which is especially important at shift changeovers.


Using fingerprint recognition to sign in, staff tap the required garments from the on-screen options and the garments are delivered to the collection gate on the conveyor. This form of staff identification further enhances security, eliminating the possibility of employees switching cards or ID.


Crucially, the system keeps track of all garments being clocked in and out, helping to manage stock control and knowing who has exactly what garments. The real-time reporting facility allows management to have complete control of stock levels, issued garments and active users.




Nobu Hotel London Mayfair opted for a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art uniform management system, and they’re delighted.

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