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Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) required a fully automated system that could withstand the thousands of uniform items being processed in the hospital each day.

Although their existing system was semi-automatic, the presence of a staff member was required at all times to operate the system, which proved incredibly inefficient and an unnecessary use of resource.


A modernisation of the hospital’s uniform distribution operation was needed.




In order to store, convey and distribute the high volume of garments specified by HUG, in the limited space available, at a much faster rate; the development of a new system was required.




Following several successful test runs, 7 Metalprogetti systems were installed in different buildings, across the various hospital sites. The first system, installed in the Opéra building, handles 6,000 employees, boasting 7 distribution gates.


Staff members simply scan their ID card, select the type and size of uniform from the user-customised options on-screen and the system delivers the chosen garments to the collection gate.


The adoption of a fully automated uniform management system is part of the hospital’s wider mission to increase efficiencies in the hospital, whilst enhancing hygiene.


Of late, HUG made the decision to bring their laundry in-house, following the release of a study that suggests viruses and other harmful bacteria can survive on clothing and transmit to other surfaces for up to 72 hours. Now, the hospital has complete reassurance that all medical uniforms are thoroughly cleaned before the next shift.


In addition, their in-house laundry operation eliminates the risk of staff uniforms being worn outside of hospital grounds, where they could be contaminated.

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