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Metalprogetti UK has installed a new state-of-the-art cloakroom facility for Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre.


The innovative storage solution consists of 4 different coloured conveyors which are used to store up to 2,000 overcoats for visitors.


A coat is handed in, assigned a coloured tab and placed on the corresponding coloured conveyor. Visitors are then given a coloured fob for reference.


Compared to a computer-controlled rail, the manual conveyor solution is extremely cost-effective, simple to use and delivers a fast turnaround when retrieving garments.


Andrew Lambert, Business Development Director, comments: “The manual conveyor route is a perfect fit for Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre. They wanted a cloakroom solution that could store up to 2,000 overcoats, was easy to use and efficient. Certainly, they didn’t want a system that was slow or caused long queues for visitors when collecting their garments.”


“The new conference centre, which is located near Aberdeen Airport, is expected to open at the end of August, so we very much look forward to catching up with them in a few months’ time to see how they’re getting on” Andy continues.

AECC 2.jpg
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